Friday, June 27, 2014

Why I'm Here

As my name implies, I am a haiku-loving, ravenous book-reading, children's librarian. What I hope to share here are mostly book reviews, and occasionally, my impromptu and irreverent haikus. Because of my profession, I read a good number of children's and young adult books, but occasionally I foray into the world of grown-up literature.

This summer, I have set myself some reading goals that I shared with my students at the end of the school year. They were, as follows:

1. To read at least three Newbery Medal winning books that I haven't read before.
2. To read at least one non-fiction book.
3. To read at least one biography/memoir.
4. To read at least three adult books.
5. To read the first Percy Jackson series.

I am well on my way to completing these goals, but I do wonder if I'll have time to get to the Percy Jackson books. As a children's librarian, I try to read what the kids are reading, but I have never managed to read any of Riordan's books in their entirety. This seems like a failing on my part that I hope to correct, but it may not be in the cards this summer. Fortunately, with five kids of my own, these books live on my bookshelf here at home and I will have ample opportunity.

My opinion is my own; whether you agree or not, I encourage feedback!

Happy Reading!!!

Kristen Zayon
aka The Haiku Librarian

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