Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me???

I'm so glad I went for a run yesterday, because today is looking like a great day for coffee and pajamas. Rain, rain and more rain. We were planning on staying in and watching the USA-Belgium World Cup game, and I'm not feeling inspired to do much else. Being the Pollyanna that I am, though, I am remembering that this rain is preventing wildfires, and feeling glad that Jack mowed the lawn last night. Having been mowed for the first time, the new lawn actually looks like a real lawn now, instead of a chaotic jumble of grass and weeds.

The book I am reviewing today is "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" by comedy writer and actress, Mindy Kaling. One day in May, Emma and I went to Barnes and Noble, and she really wanted this book. Being the indulgent book-loving mother that I am, I bought it for her. I am also savvy enough to realize that once she is through with a book, I will get a chance to read it, which is what happened here. A book that I never would have looked at, much less bought, was a hit at our house.

I am now officially a Mindy Kaling fan. This girl is brilliantly funny, observant, self-deprecating, and honest. I swear to you, if she lived in my town, we would be best friends. She gets me. She probably gets you too. Read this book, ladies (Sorry men, but you just won't appreciate this book the way a woman can).

The funny thing about reviewing a humor book (pardon the pun), is that it's hard to say much about it without either giving away punch lines, or being so much less funny than the author. So, let me just outline the tale for you, and save the jokes for Mindy.

Mindy Kaling, if you do not know her, is a writer and actor in the American version of "The Office." If you don't find "The Office" to be a funny show, you can stop right here, because you probably won't think it's a funny book. Of course, Kaling has done other things besides "The Office," including a less than successful stint on Saturday Night Live, but you will have to read the book to get her full C.V.

Kaling covers her life as the bright, non-athletic daughter of Indian-American parents. From bad sweaters and bowl cuts, disastrous attempts to ride a bike, and on through her early career as a struggling writer, she tells all. You will get her opinion on food, fashion, disposable jackets, one night stands and yes, chest hair. But Mindy is not shallow, and she talks also about the solid ground her parents provided, her simple desire for home and family, and the importance of good friends.  

If you're looking for something that's funny without being raunchy, this is a good bet. Enjoy!!!

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